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Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck

What is it?

A tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) is a surgery on the abdomen to improve the appearance and tightness of the abdomen. 

Why is it done?


Patients often wish to have an abdominoplasty to address:


  • Sagging skin

  • Visible fat

  • Stretch marks

  • Undesirable shape of the abdomen


How is it Done?


An incision is made so that when wearing clothes in the future, it is camouflaged.  The excess abdominal skin and fat is removed, and the umbilicus is re-inserted in an aesthetically desirable location. 



Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and patients are placed in a special surgical garment once the surgery is over.  Other procedures may be performed at the same time as abdominoplasty, including hernia repair and liposuction. 

Each abdomen is unique, and each abdominoplasty is different.  Dr. Toranto enjoys tailoring the surgery for each patient’s needs and wishes and encourages you to schedule an appointment today to explore your options.

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