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ear pinning surgery



otoplasty / Ear pinning Surgery


What is it?

Surgery on the ears is known as an otoplasty.  During this surgery, the skin and/or cartilage of the ear are shaped and sculpted to give the desired appearance.  There are a number of complexities to the surgery and Dr. Toranto examines his patients and then explains what the unique element(s) for each person’s surgery would be. 


Why is it Done?

A few of the reasons patients desire an otoplasty procedure include:


  • Prominent ears

  • Misshapen ears

  • Enlarged earlobes from disc earrings


An otoplasty may involve local anesthesia or sedation by an anesthesiologist.



Many of the incisions are placed so that they are hidden, though wearing eyeglasses may be limited for a short period of time after the surgery.

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