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Laceration Repair

Fracture Repair

Laceration Repair

Plastic surgeons manage a wide variety of facial injuries and fractures.  Dr. Toranto has completed additional training in craniofacial surgery (surgery of the bones of the face) and takes emergency room call at multiple institutions. 


What is it?


Below are a number of the type of Lacerations patients may have with which Dr. Toranto can help:


  • Facial lacerations

  • Lip lacerations

  • Intraoral lacerations

  • Fractured skull

  • Fractured facial bones (including cheek, eye socket, and nose)

  • Fractured jaw

Facial injuries are not just traumatic by the nature of the physical damage that must be repaired but also from an emotional perspective.  The right surgeon can restore not only form and function but also help to provide comfort and support through this process.

Plastic surgeons are often called to repair facial lacerations because while there is no such thing as an injury that does not leave a scar, there are ways to “hide” this scar or at least minimize the impact on facial aesthetics.  Dr. Toranto uses a combination of suturing techniques or “stitches” to repair facial lacerations.  Here’s a review from the mother of one of his patients:


“Dr. Toranto came to the hospital at 4 AM just two days before Christmas to stitch up my child after she suffered a dog bite to her face. Many other offices were closed for the holidays and wouldn't do emergency surgery so close to the holidays. He was amazing! He made my child feel at ease, communicated well with the hospital staff as well as my family, and he did an amazing job repairing the wound. He followed up that night with a call and always was kind and professional.”

fracture repair

Repairing the bones of the skull, face, and jaw is different from repairing bones in other areas of the body.  Craniofacial surgeons are specialized plastic surgeons who have done additional training to learn how to manage these bones and how to best repair them.  Dr. Toranto repairs facial fractures often using plates and screws.  He also teaches others how to do this as a member of the AO Foundation (International organization focusing on the treatment of patients with boney fractures) and helps care for patients who have problems even months or years after their initial injury:


“I had a fracture(d) zygomatic arch that healed wrong and was pushing against my temple and nerves. Ive seen 7 different doctors and all said they can't help me, Dr Toronto was the last one and only one that actually cared and took his time and told me everything that was going to happen and could happen. Best doctor I could ever ask for. I recommend him to anyone. Thanks a lot Dr”


Dr. Toranto works directly with the trauma teams at a number of hospitals.  It is this “team approach” that leads to the best results for patients.

Please contact us to learn more about these procedures and schedule your consultation today. 

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